Reading Response #3

I really enjoyed reading Hito Steyerl’s In Defense of the Poor Image, as she had a unique perspective on how images become commodified through the lens of audiovisual capitalism. I think the medium is the message in the sense that the medium, and how we attribute value within different works within that medium, in and of itself says a lot about our society and our larger values. I enjoyed reading about her conception of museums as similar to factories in the methods they use to produce commodities that can generate capital and be generally well received. “Perfect” cinema, while aesthetically pleasing, is often reactionary and lacks heart. Yet as we’ve seen with various pop culture awards, safe and beautiful works are often rewarded over truly subversive artwork.

I also thought the privatization of media production was an interesting point. I’m not sure when this piece was written, but I do think that is reversing in some sense. There are many more avenues now for content creators to have their work funded/exposed, although perhaps their are still not many to argue against the point of privatization. For what it’s worth I think there are a lot of artists who because of the internet can avoid issues of privatization to some degree.