Reading Response #1

I read McLuhan’s interview first and while I agreed with his larger construction of new media, his claim that a phonetic alphabet is necessary for civilization was simplistic and centered European culture. This fault of logic is indicative of the importance of postcolonial theory in examining the impact of new media as Fernández notes. I found Fernández’s writing more comprehensive as she compared and contrasted electronic media theory and postcolonial theory to demonstrate how these theories often exist at odds and have developed separately. While the promises of the Net Utopia are enticing, this utopia is limited to those who already hold social power and have access to the technology. The history and intention of the technology and theory behind electronic media resists history and physicality, but Fernández emphasizes why both are critical to our humanity and identity, which technology can never completely erase.

I responded more to the reading because I use a reader that highlights and text and reads it aloud, making it easier for me to pay attention to the content whereas I was mostly disengaged when I was listening to the podcast as I could easily tune it out and think about other things I found more interesting.