Final Project Proposal

Concept: For my final project I want to focus on themes of Afro-futurism, space, cyborgs, technology, and the future. I’m planning on using a mixture of original source material and appropriated materials from some thematic sources. I’m interested in people such as Nichelle Nichols who played Lieutenant Uhura and the original Star Trek series, Mae Jemison, and Janelle Monae’s character Cindi Mayweather.

Format: I’m planning on doing a series of gifs, still images that have been photo-edited, and possibly short videos. They are meant to all be playing/running at the same time across the screen. I’m considering using the extra monitors in the computer lab to create this affect. I want to play music that fits the theme and can unite the the pieces. Right now I’m considering Janelle Monae’s Suite IV: Electric Overture.

Goals: Together, I want the series of works to paint a vision of the future and Black people’s place within it. To me a central part of Afro-futurism is seeing ourselves in the future and looking forward to prevent pessimism from setting in. In terms of artistic style I’d like to return to my own art of style of using bright contrasting/clashing colors with geometric lines/shapes.

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