Final Project Proposal

Concept: For my final project I want to focus on themes of Afro-futurism, space, cyborgs, technology, and the future. I’m planning on using a mixture of original source material and appropriated materials from some thematic sources. I’m interested in people such as Nichelle Nichols who played Lieutenant Uhura and the original Star Trek series, Mae Jemison, and Janelle Monae’s character Cindi Mayweather.

Format: I’m planning on doing a series of gifs, still images that have been photo-edited, and possibly short videos. They are meant to all be playing/running at the same time across the screen. I’m considering using the extra monitors in the computer lab to create this affect. I want to play music that fits the theme and can unite the the pieces. Right now I’m considering Janelle Monae’s Suite IV: Electric Overture.

Goals: Together, I want the series of works to paint a vision of the future and Black people’s place within it. To me a central part of Afro-futurism is seeing ourselves in the future and looking forward to prevent pessimism from setting in. In terms of artistic style I’d like to return to my own art of style of using bright contrasting/clashing colors with geometric lines/shapes.

Assignment #8

For this assignment, I wanted to continue exploring the sounds of water. Although the end product is not necessarily reminiscent of these themes, I thought a lot about general water conservation efforts and environmental concerns. Often, we are encouraged to take shorter shower or brush our teeth without the water running. Yet individual people only use 4-5% of the water supply with agriculture and corporations working within industry using the vast majority. So what does it mean when we individualize environmental efforts without addressing more central issues?

The title comes from an article about Lulu Brezzell, a mother in Flint, Michigan, who used 144 water bottles to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family. The sound of the bottle opening is the backdrop to the rest of the piece which I hope is reminiscent of how we rely on water, and what happens when that reliance is literally poisoned.

Assignment #7

My soundscape is called “Cyrens & Siborgs” and was inspired by María Fernández’s Postcolonial Media Theory and her commentary on cyborg feminism and women of color as cyborgs.

After going through all of the sounds in our class archive, there were a lot of metallic/mechanical sounds that I was interested in using. But I also wanted to incorporate the softer and more organic sounds like water and people’s voices. Additionally, I wanted to make something that was eerie and potentially unsettling to listen to. That made me think of siren songs, which are beautiful yet deadly. I thought it would be cool and futurist to imagine sirens transforming into cyborgs and creating a hybrid species between the two.

Assignment #4


“Claudette” – In memory of Claudette Colvin who refused to give up her seat first, and was erased from mainstream history.


Police attempt to control demonstrators, August 18, in Ferguson. Police shot smoke and tear gas to disperse the protesters as they became unruly.  (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

“Encroaching” – Police from Ferguson encroaching on rioters in Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.



“New Patrol” – Drawing ties between the modern police and historical slave patrols in the United States.